Why Choose LMB Waist Cincher



Experience the instant loss of inches, posture support and bust lift. This shapewear garment was designed with your body in mind - made of top quality latex material to provide superior control and is covered with cotton fabric on the inside for extra comfort and softness when in contact with skin.

Carefully crafted with the finest materials according to the Colombian design and technology. The inner layer consists of 100% latex that creates thermal action and works to stimulate the fat loss and removal of toxins. The latex is fused with colored fabric on the top and soft cotton fabric on the inside for maximum comfort.

Two flexible boning rods are placed in the front and in the back of the garment to make the waist cincher stay in place and prevent rolling up or down. The latex material is sturdy and flexible at the same time to provide you with maximum control without restricting your movements.

Two rows of hooks allow for the size adjustment for the shrinking midsection. You can enjoy wearing this garment for a night out, working out or waist training to loose inches.

You will love your body in the LMB Waist Cincher - the Ultimate tool for your new hourglass figure.



Put on the LMB cincher and see the difference right away. Unlike traditional corsets, our latex waist cinchers provide just enough pressure to create the hourglass silhouette in an instant and also help reshape our bodies with prolonged use. Enjoy wearing new clothes that you thought were not your style before.



Wear LMB waist cincher to the gym and enjoy the benefit
of thermal action and core resistance.

Latex material works to increase body temperature and stimulates the
removal of excess water and toxins.

Pressure that the waist cincher creates makes your core work extra hard
and enhances the metabolism.



If you are anxious to get an hourglass look in an instant, this shaper will
help you achieve that. The construction of the garment an its design is
made to highlight your curves, lift bust, tuck and compress the excess
flab. Whether you are planning to wear the shaper with a dress that
highlights the feminine side or skinny jeans with a form fitting top, the
shaper will help you look your best and immediately boost confidence.

Due to its firm support, the LMB waist cinchers can also be worn to waist
train (gradually reduce the waist size.) Please remember that you should
always listen to your body when starting out any new routine such as
exercise program or diet. Same applies to waist training: start out
gradually and increase the number of hours of wear every day till you
reach abut 8 hours per day. For best results, combine with an exercise
program and healthy and balanced meal plan.



- Instantly smaller waist

- Improved Posture

- Thermal Action

- Bust Push Up

- Back Support

- Flat Stomach

- Postpartum Recovery



(Please remember to use the size chart before ordering)