I ordered this cincher on Monday and got 2day shipping so I received it on Wed. I originally had a cincher that was XXL, but it was too big for me. I just had a baby and I'm 5'9" and 205Ibs. My waist measured at close to 37" but with a xxl fitting the way it did, I decided to order a L to get the fit I was looking for (hourglass). I love this cincher. It gives me the tight fit I wanted and makes me look like I have an hourglass figure. It wasn't too bad getting it on, but it's definitely tight. I definitely want to lose a few pounds for it to be comfortable when I sit, but overall, I'm happy that got a L. I can work my way down to the other hoops and not have to purchase another one because even with being on the first row, I like how my shape looks. The material is very sturdy and it doesn't feel cheap. I'd definitely purchase again.


Pretty - 


I was so against this before but after reading the reviews and comparing it to other things and needing a new waist trimmer to workout in. I felt led to give this waist trainer a try! I received my corset yesterday 6 days after ordering - standard shipping. I've been wearing an exercise waist trimmer while working out for years! It was something that was recommended to me while serving in the Military BUT this corset it is tighter than my exercise 'waist trimmer'. My midsection has always been a challenge for me even before having a child. So I am really looking forward to seeing the results from this. The corset is tight but it's not too uncomfortable. I can breathe. I wore it yesterday on my walk I didn't walk as fast as normal but I definitely felt my posture was enhanced. Which gave me more confidence in my walk. Today, I decided to wear it to work underneath my dress and so far going well.

Coasta -


I love my waist trainer. After just 4 days I'm already on the third hook. I love how it covers my little tummy pouch and it really suppreses my appetite. I'm a pretty active person and workout everyday!! Very comfortable to workout in!! This product is very durable I am very satisfied and plan on getting the next size down in a few days. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to lose inches/weight in a short period of time!!

Ashley Domangue -



Got it today and already have it on. I LOVE IT! Fits perfect. Love how it makes me sit up right, and the tightness.

I'd recommend it to friends.

And much better than my girdles I have bought in the past. More benefits from this than that.


Sammy Summers -

I never write reviews but this one deserves it! After reading more than 50 reviews about this product , I decided to also buy one for myself and it took me a day to decide because I didn't know what size to order. I'm 5'2 and my waist is 34 inches ... I order a large size. It is confusing when you see the size chart you are given , so I ordered a size smaller than the one I actually am. It fits perfectly and My mom liked it so much that I ordered one for her! Let me mention, you can perfectly wear it under most clothes.. Me, being Latina love wearing tight clothes (I also am a mother) so, if you are looking for something to make your figure look better, this will work for you!! Im not tall and this waist trainer is just perfect size... Covers my lower abdomen, which is awesome and it is very comfortable ... I wear it most of the day (I can't sleep with it though) so... Give it a try! You won't be disappointed :) Good luck!

Sandra -

First I was kind of sceptical on getting this item. But it fits so perfect !. It came within 3 days. It looks exactly how it looks on the picture. Definitely give u that hour glass shape. I wear mines before going to work and sometimes sleep in it. I love my waist trainer!!!

Miyah -


WOW!!! It delivered very quickly! I ordered it on a Fri morning and received it on a Sun with Amazon Prime. When I pulled it out of the box and put it on my waist, I quickly thought I should have gotten a much bigger size. I wanted so desperately to try it out.... After 30 min of using massive arm muscles and sucking in, whining and breathing heavy... I got it on!!! I was so happy, but I couldn't breathe and I thought I might pass out! Haha! I kept it on for an hour. Once I took it off I noticed my poor out of shape arms were sore, but my stomach looked noticeably less puffy and bloated! I couldn't believe that only an hour and I could already see a change?! I've been also dieting and sporadically working out. So 3 days later I decided to give it a try again. This time it went on much quicker! I took pictures in it and sent it to my BF... He went crazy and loves my waist trainer too! It makes my boobs look ginormous! Haha! This was WELL worth the money and built very very well! It's amazing how much fat I was able to squeeze into this thing! I am 5'1 and a size 14. I can't believe how skinny this thing makes me look! YAY!


Aisha Owens -


I love my waist trainer! I am hoping that I get the results and look good after wearing it also. I have never been overweight but I feel better much about myself not that my extra baggage on my sides are tightened and pushed in, no more love handle insecurity! The only thing I would change is having a size for length also, Im 5'2 so I am a bit short and this is fits long past my torso. Besides that, love it so far!


Sam -


Love it, it sucks everything in, makes my posture more straight and decreases appetite. Motivates me to exercise more! DONT wear where exercise ing though, get the colored one! Other than that, I love my body with it on!


Shamia J Hannibal -